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The whole evening the girls were drunk and talked about their boyfriends and husbands. They told different stories about their relationships and in the end of the party they tried to tell the story about the worse relations. Some girls felt nervous and upset. The atmosphere was terrible and some girls began to destroy the decorations and furniture. The stories continued and they become worse and worse. In the result this bachelorette game damaged the party and the mood of guests and bride. Many girls left the party and the bride was nervous. She was drunk and did not have a desire to do anything. I do not know the consequences, but I think that the wedding ceremony was ruined. I am sure that after this bachelorette party many things were changed. Be careful when you plan games for this night. We suggest you read 101 hens night ideas sydney by Her collective and hire male strippers from a Men in Action.


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Bachelorette party is very interesting and impressive event in the life of bride. It is the last night in her life as single woman. There are many important things which the bride has to pay attention on. I can tell you an interesting story. Several months age I attended the bachelorette party of my friend. Party was well arranged by the bridesmaids. Many girls were invited, the decoration were beautiful, the food was tasty and the games funny and interesting. But in the same time there were several games, which were not good ideas for bachelorette party. The rules are the following: the girls have to ask the questions and to answer the questions of other guests. If one of the girls cannot or does not want to answer, she has to take a sip of margarita. At first sight it is very funny and creative game, as girls usually like to talk and to share gossips. But in the end of the party this game will look as meeting of alcoholics. A great idea on a hens is to hire an air bnb. We used airbnbmanagement.melbourne and they were great.

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“ By far the best hens night venue ive been to and will definitely be back. The Ententainment from male strippers sydney was amazing too. ”

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